Yoga can help your body and your mind to prepare for fertility treatment and prospective pregnancy.

The type of yoga that can help with fertility issues (fertility yoga) aims to boost physical and mental well being, concentrating on optimal breathing technique, on relieving stress, and on increasing body strength and flexibility.

  • How can fertility yoga help?

    Fertility yoga uses a series of poses that have been designed to build up and support the functions of the reproductive and endocrine systems. A properly functioning endocrine system is responsible for hormonal balance, and a good physical state can greatly contribute to this.

    Additionally, in women, performing fertility yoga will tone the muscles around your reproductive organs, which will later help with the support of the developing embryo during pregnancy and eventually, with giving birth.

    Men can also take up fertility yoga. Hormonal balance is very important for the male fertility too, and there is a series of poses that can positively stimulate proper endocrine function. Restored testosterone levels can improve your sperm production, energy levels and mood.

    In summary, fertility yoga can help both men and women with:

    • Exercising the muscles around the reproductive organs
    • Stimulating the blood flow around the reproductive organs
    • Restoring hormonal balance
    • Nurturing physical and mental balance

    Yoga will promote overall physical health and can relieve you of the fertility treatment stress. Remember that a healthy body with a composed and calm mind is more likely to function at its maximum capacity and efficiency.